Complete Physical and Sensory Evaluation: 2 Coffee Products (Green / Roasted)

Complete Physical and Sensory Evaluation Of Two Coffee Products (Green Coffee / Roasted Coffee)

Value: $375.00

Description from Coffee Analysts:

Coffee Analysts is a private, independent, SCAA certified coffee laboratory that specializes in quality assurance, product development, and specification creation of coffee and coffee-related products.

Coffee Analysts does not sell coffee; we conduct unbiased scientific analysis of coffee and coffee-related products and work with producers, traders, roasters, foodservice and restaurant operators and private-label brands. Our experience enables us to provide insights that assist our clients in making informed decisions in managing their coffee quality by addressing practical issues from a scientific perspective.

Green Coffee Analysis – (550 gram sample)

  • Visual Color Inspection
  • Moisture Content
  • Water Activity
  • Defect Count / Grading (SCAA & ICE)
  • Screen Size
  • Density
  • Sample Roasting (SCAA Protocol)
  • Cupping by Sensory Panel
  • Complete Analytical Report


Roasted Coffee Analysis – (5 packages)

  • Net Weight, Oxygen and CO2
  • Moisture Content & Water Activity
  • Degree of Roast (Agtron)
  • Grind Analysis (Ro-Tap)
  • Bean Breakage & Roasted Defect Count
  • Brewing to Clients’ Recipe
  • Brewed Solids and Extraction Rate %
  • pH, Brix and Refractive Index
  • Tasting by Sensory Panel
  • Complete Analytical Report

Contact Person:

Spencer Turer
Director of Coffee Operations
Licensed Q Grader

(800) 375-3398
spencer {at} coffeeanalysts(.)com

Donated By:Coffee Analysts
Retail Price:$375.00
Reserve Price:$150.00

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